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This two-hour course introduces SLPs to complexity principles that lead to efficient changes in a child’s phonological system (rather than treating one sound or pattern at a time). Participants will learn about linguistic universals that facilitate maximal changes in both treated and untreated sounds, which result in significant gains in overall intelligibility in the least amount of time. In particular, powerful research and anecdotal evidence about teaching complex clusters will be shared along with examples of system-wide changes that occurred for preschool and school-age students in San Diego Unified School District. Furthermore, SLPs will apply these principles when selecting treatment targets for children featured in six brief case studies: three preschoolers with phonological disorders and three school-age children with several later-developing singletons in error. After this two-hour course, SLPs will also have the opportunity to access additional resources for both assessment and treatment.

For those who wish to receive ASHA CEUs, two hours (0.20 CEUs) will be awarded after completing a short, multiple-choice exam. Learners will have 60 days to complete the full course at their convenience. You will need a Windows, Mac, Apple, or Android device along with a high speed internet connection to view the videos. If you are able to watch the video above, you will be able to complete the course.

This workshop is appropriate for speech-language pathologists, graduate students, and speech-language pathologist assistants in speech-language pathology.

Read what SLPs are saying about Phonological Complexity Principles:

"Thank you Jennifer! Your work continues to inspire...Your application of the research is exactly what is needed in this field. I am learning and applying the information much more easily and the results are incredible. There is a great need for SLPs to be aware of and to utilize this information. Keep up the great work!"

Susan Stewart
Phonological Complexity Principles Powerful Phonological Assessment & Analysis
Description of Thorough Assessment Tasks X
Complexity Principles X X
Target Selection Practice for Clusters X X
Target Selection Practice for Singletons X X
Phonological Analysis of Case Studies X
Progress Monitoring Options X
Goal Writing for Complex Targets X
Implementation Tips X
Examples of Treatment Outcomes X X
ASHA CEUs 0.2 CEUs (2 hours) 0.8 CEUs (8 hours)

This course is also eligible for CEEs from Speech-Language & Audiology Canada