These flow maps delineate procedures for students of concern. This includes students with disabilities or students who may be at risk due to external factors. Please note that these flow maps are slightly different for Head Start facilities.

Flow Map 1 provides the overview of maps 1a – 1d. All maps start with an identified concern and proceed through various steps according to the decisions of the teachers and special educators (SLP, school psychologist, etc.). The purpose of this process is to ensure that each child’s civil rights are respected. Many children arrive in preschool without exposure to rich language, literacy or peer interaction. This does not mean that they have disabilities. Our philosophy is to consider first that the student’s weakness may be due to a lack of experience or instruction. Short-term interventions (such as language RtI) enable the team to determine if this is the case. If not, the team has collected valuable information about the child for assessment, including strengths, areas of concern and how he/she responded to various interventions.