Below is a list of Jennifer Taps Richard's current publications. More articles are in press. Interested readers can request a reprint of each article below via the contact page.

Taps, J. (Spring 2009). Efficient articulation services: One group at a time. California Speech-Language Hearing Association Magazine, 38 (4), 11 – 14.

Taps, J. (2008, October). RtI services for children with mild articulation needs: Four years of data. Perspectives on School-Based Issues, 9 (3), 104-110.

Taps, J. (2006, December). An innovative educational approach for addressing articulation differences. Perspectives on School-Based Issues, 7 (4), 7-11.

Montgomery, J., Dunaway, C. & Taps, J. (Fall 2005). Interview with Claudia Dunaway and Jennifer Taps. Communication Disorders Quarterly, 27 (1), 55-58.