40,000 Selected Words: This classic text by Blockcolsky provides exhaustive lists of words organized by sounds. Every SLP needs this in his/her collection of resources.

Handbook for Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders: This ground-breaking text by Dr. Christine Dollaghan provides a framework for applying evidence-based practice with an emphasis on three kinds of evidence, thus it is called E3BP. Dollaghan clearly delineates and specifies the three aspects of E3BP as taking into account: 1) the best available external evidence (relying on evidence from systematic research), 2) the best available evidence internal to clinical practice (relying on clinical expertise and training) and 3) the best available evidence concerning client preferences (looking at client characteristics). The author suggests that successful application of E3BP should be marked by the following: an open mind about various theoretical perspectives, professional integrity and clinically ethical behavior. In particular, Dollaghan cautioned “Seeking evidence not in an effort to reduce honest uncertainty but rather in an effort to prove what one already believes is contrary to the fundamental thrust of E3BP.” With these principles in mind, clinicians must consider the best available external evidence to date.