This web page contains the streamlined forms used by San Diego Unified School District for the Speech Improvement Class. All documents are copyrighted to San Diego Unified School District. SDUSD believes strongly in sharing our resources. If you would like to use these forms, please provide proper attribution to further their use.

San Diego Unified School District uses this to educate teachers and families about sound acquisition, facilitative strategies and the Speech Improvement Class.

Andrea Schindler, Senior SLP from San Diego Unified, created this wonderful handout for determining when a sound pattern is due to a language difference (and not a disorder).

This document summarizes what families can do at home to facilitate sound acquisition.

This document summarizes what teachers can do in the classroom to facilitate sound acquisition.

These are flow maps for procedures for enrolling students in the Speech Improvement Class or for ensuring intensity of service for students who qualify for IEPs.

This teacher questionnaire enables SLPs to determine if general (Speech Improvement Class) or special education is warranted according to California Education Code.

This parent questionnaire provides information about how speech sound patterns impact intelligibility and interaction with others.

This form is signed by the family prior to enrollment in the Speech Improvement Class.

This checklist includes all tasks that need to be completed before, during and after the Speech Improvement Class.

These forms are placed in the child's cumulative file to document general education services.

The ASHA NOMS Project (ASHA, n.d.) reinforced the notion that many SLPs share: students who practice at home are more likely to generalize target sounds. This parent-friendly letter is available for SLPs to use in their practice.

This contract underscores the importance of home practice. The student and families are asked to make a commitment to homework because research has demonstrated that it supports generalization.

These probes are used before, during and after the Speech Improvement Class for progress monitoring.

Students or families can utilize this resource to take their own data during sessions or at home.

Students can utilize this resource to take their own data during sessions or at home.

This FAQ document covers questions about the Speech Improvement Class procedures, articulation treatment, phonological treatment, sound acquisition and other topics related to speech sound disorders.