Throw things (throw, threw, throwing, throw through, throw high, throw low, I throw, my turn to throw)
Draw/photograph three of each toy to make book of threes (three blocks, three cars, etc.)
Blow bubbles on the count of three and then run through them (Andrea Schindler)
Games: Kerplunk and Honey Bee Tree, put sticks through while setting up game (Andrea Schindler)

Three Little Pigs (three, three pigs, fall through the chimney, thrive)

Bean Bag Toss (three, throw, threw, throwing, through, thrilling, overthrow)

Elephant and Piggie Toys from Watch Me Throw The Ball! (throw, threw, throwing)

See Through Tunnel (three, through, thrilling, threadworm)

Threading Game (three, through, thread, blue thread, red thread, etc.)

Inflatable "Three in a Row" (three, three yellow, three red, thrilling, throw, threw, throwing, overthrow, overthrew)