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Welcome to the Clusters Complex! Our app targets the ten most complex clusters, including three-element clusters and complex two-element clusters. It includes 968 photographs depicting 88 words, 440 phrases and 440 sentences. Children may select motivating themes based on specific animals, activities and sports. A randomization option presents the photographs in mixed order. Furthermore, children can engage in self-monitoring and view short reward videos if they achieve a high level of accuracy. SLPs have the option to monitor progress through recordings and data collection over time, all of which can be backed up on a computer or emailed.

All words in this app were carefully selected for the above complex clusters. Ideally, the targets also include early-developing sounds in the medial or final word position. For instance, among /skw-/ words are “squad,” “squeaky” and “squeeze.” We did not select “square” or “squabble” because the final sounds may distract from the challenging initial clusters. Additionally, the phrases and sentences were judiciously chosen. As much as possible, they are loaded with early-developing sounds so that the child may focus on the cluster target. For example, the /fl-/ phrase “white floppy hat” allows the child to focus on the /fl-/ target because it is surrounded by the early sounds, /w t p h/. Likewise, the /fl-/ sentence “We took a flight to Maine” provides a facilitative context.

• Features CC and sCC clusters (/θr-/, /fl-/, /fr-/, /sl-/, /shr-/, /str-/, /skr-/, /spr-/, /skw-/, /spl-/)

• English targets
– Words (88)
– Phrases (440)
– Sentences (440)

• Colorful photos and videos

• Over 30 themes (sports, animals, activities) for students to choose from; each comes with its own customized reward videos, backgrounds, and buttons

• Randomization option

• Self-monitoring

• Progress monitoring

• Customized messages for students

• Data collection features include audio recordings which can be emailed, backed up to computer, or stored on your Apple device

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