Sesame Street's website includes numerous videos that may support speech and language development. Many videos feature Sesame Street characters and/or celebrities explaining higher-level vocabulary words for preschoolers and kindergartners. In each video, they provide a child-friendly explanation, act out the concept and repeat the target word several times. Other videos include Sesame Street characters, children or celebrities who talk about or demonstrate the meanings of words that feature complex clusters (e.g., /str-/ or /fl-/).

Use the documents listed below to search videos at Sesame Street Videos (link autoplays with audio on). These videos may serve as a model for how teachers and SLPs may explain new terms with small groups of students. It would be ideal for professionals to utilize similar strategies in the classroom. Dickinson et al (2012) suggested that interaction is critical for learning new vocabulary so these videos serve as a resource, but do not replace authentic interactions. Please enjoy these delightful videos with your students!