These worksheets put into practice the principles of complexity theory. All activities include high-frequency/low-density words (Morrisette & Gierut, 2002 and Storkel & Morrisette, 2002) to maximize generalization. Furthermore, each task incorporates randomization of some kind as stipulated by motor learning theory. Some tasks require students to practice at different levels, others different numbers of practice items or varying actions, emotions or other parameters.

This packet includes a variety of home practice options to facilitate generalization. Research from the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA National Outcomes Measurement System, 2005) revealed that children who practice at home benefit greatly. They found that children who complete homework improved significantly more than children who did not complete homework. Therefore, speech-language pathologists should provide home practice that aligns with best practices.

Treatment in San Diego Unified School District follows the principles of motor learning theory (phonetic) and the complexity approach (phonemic). Motor learning theory suggests that randomized practice leads to retention of new skills. Therefore, each homework sheet requires students to self-monitor during randomized practice. There are also a variety of activities so that students become flexible in sound practice and engage in metacognitive activities. Activities include crossword puzzles, word scrambles, secret codes, conversational practice, and other tasks to entertain students with varying interests.

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