Eliciting Sounds: Techniques and Strategies for Clinicians: Dr. Wayne Secord and his coauthors (2007) provide exhaustive strategies in the second edition of his book. These strategies target all sounds in English and special chapters address the challenges of treating the /r/ sound and remediating lisp patterns.

The Late Eight: Dr. Ken Bleile (2005) offers helpful lists and techniques to elicit the latest-developing sounds in his book. Moreover, his book is accompanied by a CD with all of the featured information for ease of use.

Articulatory and Phonological Impairments: A Clinical Focus: Dr. Jacqueline Bauman-Waengler (2007) authored this excellent text that addresses assessment and treatment of various speech sound disorders. In particular, she presents a chapter on phonetic placement strategies that is particularly useful with children who are nonstimulable for certain sounds.

Speech Sounds: A Pictorial Guide to Typical and Atypical Speech: This book features images of how consonants and vowels of English are produced and informs SLPs how to teach sounds.

Seeing Speech: A Quick Guide to Speech Sounds: This flip book demonstrates how to produce sounds and the similarities and differences between sounds.