These cards, designed by our own Jennifer Taps Richard, feature the ten most complex cluster sequences in English. Research has demonstrated that teaching these complex clusters leads to global changes for children with phonological disorders.

There are eighty-eight cards (printed in the U.S.) on high-quality stock in the set. Each card measures 4 1/4 x 5 1/2 inches, so they are large enough to be held easily by children. They are color coded for each of the ten clusters /skr-/, /spr-/, /str-/, /spl-/, /skw-/, /fl-/, /fr-/, /θr-/, /ʃr-/, and /sl-/.

Studies have suggested that three-element clusters (/skr-/, /spr-/, /str-/, /spl-/, /skw-/) should only be taught if the child has the second and third consonants in his/her phonemic inventory. For example, if treatment targets /skr-/, the child should already have /k/ and /r/ in his/her phonemic inventory. No previous knowledge of /s/ is required. For more information about these principles, please visit our page on sonority sequencing.

If the child’s phonemic inventory does not permit targeting three-element clusters, the next most powerful targets include complex two-element clusters (/fl-/, /fr-/, /θr-/, /ʃr-/, /sl-/). Studies have demonstrated that these two-element clusters also lead to significant changes for treated and untreated sounds. Furthermore, if treatment targets /fl-/, /fr-/, /θr-/, /ʃr-/ or /sl-/, the child does not need to know either sound prior to treatment. For example, if /fl-/ is treated, previous knowledge of /f/ or /l/ is not required. For more information on choosing ideal treatment targets, please visit our page on phonological assessment.

Click here for suggested activities using the SLPath Cluster Cards. This free resource features 25 fun activities that provide multiple opportunities for meaningful practice. Children can enjoy these activities as part of treatment or home practice.

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Cluster Cards - $19.99

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