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SLPath's first online course​, ​Powerful Phonological Assessment and Analysis​,​ ​is now available ​for ASHA continuing education units.​​ Over the past 30 years, numerous peer-reviewed studies have demonstrated that treating complex sounds and sequences leads to more efficient gains in overall intelligibility for children with phonological disorders. In particular, treating complex clusters induces system-wide changes for both treated and untreated sounds, thereby increasing intelligibility more rapidly. ​ ​The complexity methodology represents a significant paradigm shift in phonological treatment; therefore, SLPath has created this resource to support SLPs in applying these evidence-based principles.

This eight-hour course is designed to be completed over multiple days so that learners may master the intermediate to advanced material. It covers the key stages of the clinical process, including in-depth assessment, linguistic principles that inform treatment target selection and progress monitoring.

Following the clinical process, the course presents three case studies of young children with phonological disorders who received group treatment in the schools. During the first case study, a focus lesson guides learners through the analysis of one child’s sound system and target selection. Next, learners try on the process with a second case study, receiving support for each step of analysis and target selection. For the third case study, learners independently apply the principles during analysis with an opportunity to compare their results. This process follows the educational model of instruction that gradually releases the responsibility of the task to learners. Following this process, SLPs will be prepared to apply the analysis for their own students or clients. Finally, the course concludes with treatment evidence from nine students and tips for implementation, including goal writing.

For those that wish to receive ASHA CEUs, eight hours will be awarded after completing a short, multiple-choice exam. Learners will have 60 days to complete the full course at their convenience. You will need a Windows, Mac, Apple, or Android device along with a high speed internet connection to view the videos. If you are able to ​watch the video above, you will be able to complete the course.

Read what SLPs are saying about ​Powerful Phonological Assessment and Analysis​:

"I completed the Phonological Assessment and Analysis course this afternoon. What a wonderful experience! I am so grateful that I heard about these intriguing ideas. It truly was a great experience. Having not ever completed a course in this manner, I was so impressed with how flawless it was. The resources were so helpful and abundant and I did not experience any 'technical difficulties' or issues."

Kati Dreiman

"I attended one of Jennifer's workshops in Hays, KS about six years ago, and have been using some of her principles. This course will cause me to look even more in-depth at my students and pick even better targets. Jennifer, you have done it again. You continue to inspire me to be a better SLP."

Megan Gasper

"I just want to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE your course. And I've only finished the first 3 sections."

Andrea Schwartz
Phonological Complexity Principles Powerful Phonological Assessment & Analysis
Description of Thorough Assessment Tasks X
Complexity Principles X X
Target Selection Practice for Clusters X X
Target Selection Practice for Singletons X X
Phonological Analysis of Case Studies X
Progress Monitoring Options X
Goal Writing for Complex Targets X
Implementation Tips X
Examples of Treatment Outcomes X X
ASHA CEUs 0.2 CEUs (2 hours) 0.8 CEUs (8 hours)

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This course is also eligible for CEEs from Speech-Language & Audiology Canada