CardMaker is a revolutionary new app that allows you to create exciting, customized materials for your students. After all, no one knows your students better than you, and by involving them in the creative process, they'll be even more engaged!

You can create any number of words, phrases, and sentences to display along with a corresponding image. Depending on settings you choose, the student is presented with a video (either your own, or from YouTube) upon completion to either encourage another attempt, or congratulate his or her success. These materials, along with model audio recordings and a background theme, are bundled together into CardMaker books.

So, what makes CardMaker different from other apps?

1. You can browse images online from within our app, or use your own images directly from your device.

2. You can use videos from the internet or your own selections.

3. You can export and import entire books from within the app, so you can share your materials with your friends, or even sell your own products!

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